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Working FAQs

Unlike traditional locums tenens agencies, you control how much or how little you’d like our recruiters involved in your placement. If you are the type of person who would like to browse jobs and update your profile at 2 am, more power to you! If you’d rather be guided through the process by a recruiter, we’re ready for that, too.

Our secret sauce is in our proprietary matching engine. It takes into consideration all your preferences you’ve shared with us, including your rate requirements, where you’d like to work, your credentials, and more, compares them with open job opportunities, and then notifies you if a match is available. That means no more searching through pages of open jobs for the right fit, and no more recruiter phone calls when the job doesn’t work for you. We are more interested in providing you quality matches than bombarding you with a high number of matches.

For providers, Lucidity is 100% free.

We treat your data as we like ours to be treated. Every precaution is made to secure your documents and data using industry-standard encryption and password protection.

We never share your contact information or credentialing information with a medical practice until you consent to be submitted (or marketed to) a specific facility. Even within our organization, your personal info is only available to those required to find you a great job; in fact, our technology makes it possible to be submitted for jobs without engaging with a recruiter at all!

Nope. Malpractice coverenge will either be provided by Lucidity directly or by the medical practice where you are going to work.
As we get to know you and you fill out your profile, we’re already thinking ahead to this phase. As much as possible, we won’t make you answer the same questions more than once. There will always be practice-specific paperwork, but we aim to make it all as painless as possible. There is no fee for physicians in the credentialing process, of course.
For some jobs, your travel may be included in the compensation package. If not, it’s typically negotiable. Whether you request travel reimbursement is your preference entirely, and we handle any reimbursement requests as quickly as possible once you submit them.
We will pay you every week via direct deposit based on your timesheets. As a bonus, if you work as scheduled, you don’t even need to submit a timesheet– the app will submit on your behalf, and then your pay will be on its way.
Sure! We have partnerships with medical licensure companies who can help you obtain or renew state medical licenses, DEAs, or CSRs at a discounted price for Lucidity providers.
Because of our great relationships with our hiring partners, we often get permanent job placement opportunities in addition to locums tenens. When you sign up, we’ll ask whether you’d be interested in locums tenens only, permanent placement only, or both, which will define which jobs you are alerted about.
Yes! While currently the majority of our jobs are for MDs and DOs, our network of NPs, CRNAs, and PAs is expanding rapidly. You should expect to see more jobs for advanced practitioners on Lucidity soon.
Lucidity does not currently hire healthcare professionals outside of MD, DO, PA, or NP. However, we are part of Health Carousel, who has been staffing healthcare professionals for over 15 years. If you’d like us to connect you to any of our sister companies in the Health Carousel Travel Network, just shoot us a message here.
While you don’t need to add your phone number to your profile in order to receive job matches, it increases the probability of you being placed at a job you like. Our providers with a phone number receive text messages when a job match becomes available for them, allowing them to kickstart the process ASAP. Don’t worry– we only text or call when we have a hot job for you.
Because our parent company, Health Carousel, is the umbrella brand for multiple healthcare staffing agencies, this gives you access to an even larger network of jobs. We share open jobs amongst the brands, giving you more options.
Absolutely! Fill out our contact form and we will get in touch with you soon.

Hiring FAQs

As many as you want. We don’t charge you based on how many jobs you post.

It’s free to set up accounts with Lucidity. Your organization can add as many as you want. Our goal is to make you more efficient, and if that means adding your entire HR department for your hospital, go for it!

No problem. We are happy to post your jobs for you.
Just a couple minutes. We’ll have your job opportunity on the platform for physicians to view ASAP, and shortly after, we’ll notify those who are a match for the requirements in your job posting.

All providers in our database are or have been active job seekers, meaning at any given time, we know who’s looking and who’s not. That means once you send us a job to fill, we have less scrambling to do to find great candidates. Many of our providers are full-time locums tenens physicians with multiple state licenses and willingness to travel.

We also commit to having up-to-date, robust profiles on each provider, so those we submit are always high quality.

The main difference for you is that by leveraging technology, we are able to charge a fraction of the cost for placements than a traditional agency might.

Feel free to use your own malpractice policy if that is preferred. We also maintain a highly-rated policy for providers to use if you’d prefer; time limits are always sufficient to cover a provider for your particular state or your facility’s requirements.
Since the provider’s key information and documentation is typically already uploaded to our system, all we need to do is verify them for authenticity, legibility, and expiriation. If you need specific documents completed to fulfill your credentailing requirements, just let us know and we can add them to our providers’ checklist.
Travel reimbursement is up to you and is typically decided on during negotiations. If agreed upon with the provider, we will handle the reimbursement process.
Absolutely! Call, email, or text us any time and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. Contact Us.