For Advanced Practitioners

Learn to love Locums Tenens.

Lucidity gives you priority access to locums jobs for Nurse Practitioners, CRNAs, and Physician Assistants that meet your preferences using an advanced matching engine.

Lucidity is 100% free for advanced practitioners.

How it works


Complete your profile.

We start by asking you questions about your experience and preferences. This will give us a strong foundation to find great jobs for you. The more information you tell us, the higher fidelity your matches will be.


Get notified.

By adding your phone number to your profile, you’ll start receiving text messages when a job match arrives for you.


Get submitted.

If we already have a completed profile for you, this part should happen quickly. Make sure we have an up-to-date CV on file for you, and our team will submit your name ASAP.


Go to work.

We’re there to guide you through the credentialing, travel reimbursement, malpractice, and payment details of working short-term assignments. When you assignment is nearing its end, we’ll start preparing the next great job match for you.

Still have questions?

Not a dime! Our platform is free to providers. We’re paid by the awesome employers that hire you.

Nope. Malpractice coverenge will either be provided by Lucidity directly or by the medical practice where you are going to work.

As we get to know you and you fill out your profile, we’re already thinking ahead to this phase. As much as possible, we won’t make you answer the same questions more than once. There will always be practice-specific paperwork, but we aim to make it all as painless as possible. There is no fee for physicians in the credentialing process, of course.

Less Searching. More Working.

Get quality job matches tailored to your preferences.

Lucidity is 100% free for advanced practitioners.