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How do healthcare staffing agencies work?

The healthcare industry is experiencing a shortage in medical personnel, making those who practice medicine in high demand.
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As the aging patient population continues to stretch the already thin ranks of providers, more and more hospitals and medical facilities are turning to locum tenens physicians and advanced practitioners to fill the voids. Whether you are a new or practicing physician/advanced practitioner considering working temporary physician/advanced practitioner jobs, or a hospital looking to fill job openings by hiring temporary physicians and advanced practitioners, an experienced medical staffing company, such as Lucidity can help you start on this journey.

How to work with a staffing agency to become a locum tenens physician

In order to become a locum tenens physician or advanced practitioner through a staffing agency like Lucidity, the agency or recruiter will work to learn about your preferences and experience. With Lucidity you will fill out a series of questions about your job preferences that will allow us to find and match you with the best locum tenens job. If traveling is an option you are open to, your staffing agency will work to find new and exciting locum tenens healthcare provider jobs in a location you desire. If you prefer to stay close to home, there are frequently new job opportunities to serve as a locum tenens healthcare provider in your local community.

Once locum tenens healthcare provider jobs are found, the medical staffing agency will often provide services such as contracting, credentialing, state licensing (if needed), travel and living arrangements, and act as your advocate during the negotiation process. As a locum tenens physician or advanced practitioner you will not need to pay in order to use a medical staffing agency, as they get paid by the hospital or medical facility you will go to work for.

The timeline for temporary physician or advanced practitioner jobs can range from a few days to up to two years. The length of the jobs are defined by the hospital or facility you will be working with. The staffing agency you work with will take into account your job start date, medical specialty and certifications, states you are licensed in, preferred rate, and experience working in similar facilities to determine if you are a good match.

Why should healthcare facilities use staffing agencies to find physicians and advanced practitioners?

While it is possible to search for and find temporary physicians/advanced practitioners to fill job openings on your own, there are many benefits of working with a medical staffing agency, such as: 

Access to a large network

Most medical staffing agencies have large networks to connect employers with the best temporary employees. These networks search and find healthcare providers from across the country, meaning you could get talent from anywhere and aren’t limited to your local area. 

Applicants come pre-screened

Medical staffing agencies take the time, energy and resources to pre-screen their applicants before sending them to you. Aside from looking at their resumes, some healthcare staffing agencies perform background checks and interviews to make sure they are providing the best qualified candidates for potential employers. 

Recruiting talent

Recruiting can be costly and time consuming for hospitals and healthcare facilities. Medical staffing agencies are able to use their network to recruit top talent from across the county. For many smaller healthcare facilities, this can save them the cost of hiring more full-time recruiters.

Fill job vacancies quickly

Since medical staffing agencies have pre-vetted their candidates, this saves you valuable time and resources searching for a provider to fill time sensitive positions. In addition, some medical staffing agencies are able to send last minute replacements if your staff is ill or unable to work a shift unexpectedly.

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Lucidity is 100% free for physicians.