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We'll start by asking you about your background and preferences. The more you want to add, the more precise your matches become.

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Because hot jobs fill quickly, we'll use smart matching and notifications to make sure you're the first to know. Opt to get notified via email, SMS, or use our digital platform to browse jobs on your time.

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How it works

Healthcare recruiting firms like Lucidity are redefining the way our industry’s physicians, advanced practitioners, and healthcare organizations search for jobs and world-class healthcare talent. Lucidity is an easy-to-use technology platform that connects talented healthcare providers with the leaders of healthcare organizations who are searching for great staffing solutions, including locum tenens and permanent placement.

Our matching engine creates personalized matches based on 15+ factors about you.

learn to love locum tenens

The simplest way to work and hire – with or without a recruiter.

For Physicians.

This is where it all began. Lucidity Physicians are part of a powerful network from all 50 states and over 100 specialties getting real-time alerts when jobs meet their preferences. We provide physicians with access to services including licensing assistance, travel reimbursement, and malpractice coverage. Worry less about the details and more about finding a quality opportunity that matches your talents.

For Advanced Practitioners.

Our newest offering accommodates the unique needs and certifications of Physician Assistants, CRNAs, and Nurse Practitioners while still delivering the top tier job matches from the Lucidity matching engine. Log in and browse jobs, manage jobs you’ve been submitted to, and track it all in a simple system.

For Employers.

Whether you are hands-on and want to talk directly with providers, or sit back and let us find you the best providers, we have optimized the hiring process for the modern healthcare administrator. If you’re looking for a self-service recruiting platform, a reliable account manager, or a hybrid of both, we’ve built our recruiting infrastructure with employers like you in mind.