Locum Tenens Physicians Blog.

Locum tenens physicians and advanced practitioners fill a crucial niche in the medical community by: 

  • Allowing hospitals and healthcare organizations to cover another provider’s vacation/medical leave
  • Helping account for increased patient demand
  • Filling a gap while a new, permanent provider is recruited

Many healthcare providers are making the switch to locum tenens positions due to the flexibility, extra income, the ability to travel, and exposure to new and evolving patient care environments that the lifestyle offers. Becoming a locum tenens physician is not as simple as you would think, and while you can go through the process on your own, staffing agencies, such as Lucidity, do make the process more streamlined. Lucidity is a healthcare staffing agency that uses a technology platform to connect physicians and advanced practitioners seeking part-time or temporary work with medical practices looking to fill open shifts. We strive to deliver the best job matches directly to you based on your preferences while also providing educational and relevant locum tenens news.

Lucidity makes it easy to find information and details about being a locum tenens provider with their informational Locum tenens blog. Stay up to date on trends and changes in the locum tenens physician community with Lucidity’s blog posts. No matter what speciality you practice, our new and exciting topics will keep you informed and cover topics and themes such as the growing patient to physician gap, unequal access to healthcare, provider burnout, locum tenens hiring process and salaries, policy changes in the locum tenens community and more.


What are Locum Tenens Providers?

Locum tenens is Latin and means “to hold a place.” Healthcare facilities hire locum tenens providers to fill vacant positions temporarily or account for increases in patient demand. It is one of the quickest staffing solutions for ensuring a medical facility always has qualified professionals to care for patients.

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State of the Locum Tenens Industry

Across the healthcare industry, the demand for locum tenens services is on the rise. What is driving the need for locum tenens physicians and advanced practitioners, and how is it affecting the medical sector? Let’s find out.

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For Providers

Guide to Locum Tenens Pay Rates & Salary

Due to the rising demand for locum tenens professionals– largely because of the nationwide physician shortage– locum tenens salary rates are climbing every year. Now is the best time to explore career opportunities as a locum tenens or temporary provider.

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